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High functional film protecting from the sun's glare for various demands.

Used on Automobiles and Buildings, Residential.

* What is Solar control film?
Solar Control Film is a micro-thin film made of polyester(PET) and metalized coating bonded by adhesives that is installed on the glass surface to provide significant solar protection.
Solar control film screens out the solar heat, harmful ultraviolet rays(UV) and uncomfortable glare. The usage of solar control film is divided by two large categories which are for automotive and residential.

* Features
1. Protection from discoloration and change of color through
excluding ultraviolet ray.
2. Protection from skin aging and skin cancer.
3. Energy conservation(indoor green house effect)
4. Protection from flying fragment of broken glass.
5. Interior function through producing stylish mood and high
level outlook.
6. Privacy protection keeping from exterior sight

* Applications
Car glass, Residential, Building, Show window, Glass booth, Glass partition.

Solar control window film Safety and security film