Protection film for construction glass breakage
* What is safety window film?

Safety films are presently used almost on all building all over the world and designed
with layers of polyester, which provides a protective barrier against external conditons.
These also offers protection from the sun's rays by reducing interior damage
caused by fading, safety window film provides energy improve indoor comfort like
solar control film.

* Features
1. Protection from an invader of the outside.
2. Protection of private life from the outside.
3. Effect for saving energy
4. Effect for blocking harmful UV Rays.
5. Protection from earthquake, windstorm, disaster, etc.

* Applications

1. Construction glass
2. Subway and public facilities
3. Vehicle
4. Bank, Museum, Hospital, Government Dept., School
5. Jewelry store(shopping Mall for expensive goods), etc.
Solar control window film Safety and security film